Fashion Service Package

Our design package offers a customized process with expert consultation and project management for a successful journey towards your project goals.

  • Design Work
  • Development Work
  • Fabric Sourcing Work
  • Vendor Enrollment
  • Prototyping & Fittings
  • Brand Label Development
Stylesium Fashion Services

Fully Catered Process

Our high-quality services are curated for your market success at affordable prices. Contact us for any questions about our packages. Thank you for considering us!

Expert set of eyes

Our highly skilled design team spearheads the project conceptualization and decomposition into achievable components. The team then proceeds to execute each step proficiently in-house, ensuring exceptional workmanship and attention to detail.

Stylesium Fashion Service
Client Review

Success Driven Results

We deliver measurable results with a value-driven package based on our top-performing clients’ successes. We offer exceptional customer support, and we’re eager to discuss how our package can help achieve your project objectives.

Inside This Package

What's Included?


Design Work

We offer comprehensive support to bring your vision to life. From concept sketches to digital final designs, our goal is to create a stylish collection that resonates with your audience. Contact us with questions or to discuss further.

Design Work stylesium


Fabric Management

Our team is ready to offer consultation services to guide you in selecting the most suitable fabrics for your collection. We’ll provide you with physical swatches for your approval, recommending either from our stock of fabric or propose propriety fabric blends that cater to your specific needs.

Fashion stylesium


Techpacks & Specs

Our company offers a comprehensive package for factories, which includes an industry-leading tech pack template, bill of materials, grading chart, and step-by-step construction instructions. You can trust in the quality of our products and expertise of our team to ensure a successful and efficient development process. Don’t take chances with your manufacturing – choose our team and receive top-notch resources and support.

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We offer eco-friendly manufacturing services from our experienced and managed factory with a wide network of vendors. Our package includes two rounds of fitting comments and prototypes for high-quality standards. Our team is committed to exceptional service and helping you achieve your vision with our expertise and resources. Trust us for outstanding results.

Fashion Services

Stylesium Fashion Services Market Package

Our package is perfect for startup businesses and aspiring fashion entrepreneurs. It has been specifically designed to guide you through the process from start to finish, with customized calendars to suit the unique needs of each individual client. Our aim is to support you by taking on the burden of the product development process, leaving you with more time to focus on sales, marketing, and building strong relationships with your end consumers.

Starting From


What's included

  • Design Work
  • Development Work
  • Fabric Sourcing Work
  • Vendor Enrollment
  • Prototyping & Fittings
  • Brand Label Development